Sex and New Orleans:

So, for fun, I wrote the short first chapter of what will end up being a smutty fun book set in New Orleans. There will be lots of sex, a little magic, and a Terraplane (mainly 'cause that car is SO dope!) Here's the link on Amazon! It's only a buck! 

Chapter Two will be coming shortly. It's mostly just for fun, but let me know what you think! 

Disclaimer: It's rated R.

Brief Excerpt:

"Phil slid into the driver’s side, started the car, and they were off. Her skin felt like it was crackling, like if they were in the dark everyone would see the little sparks flying off her because of her proximity to this beautiful man. She tried hard to focus but blushed, deep, when he looked over and grinned, turning up the blues on the radio. She mumbled something about the heat and held her hand out to push more air onto her face, not wanting him to know how hard it was, already, for her to stay silent. What she wanted to do was ask him to drive out of town, or to take her to his house, to take her in the backseat of the car..."