A DTF "Down to Feast" Version of Coq au Vin

1. Get chicken legs. Dry them and season with salt and pepper. 
2. Pour flour in a shallow bowl. Coat each piece of chicken in flour. 
3. Get thick bacon. Cut it up into small pieces. Cook in LARGE saute pan. Take out bacon and set aside. 
4. Cut up one onion and, say, three-four cloves of garlic. (More traditional recipes use pearl onions so you can but also who cares? And you can adjust garlic to taste--for me there is never enough garlic.) Saute in pan. 
5. Add chicken to pan. Cook 'til each piece is browned on each side. You might have to work in stages depending on how much chicken you're cooking so that you don't crowd the pan. Take chicken out and set aside for a few minutes. 
6. Add mushrooms. Cook 'til soft. 
7. When soft, add 1/4 cup cognac to the pan. (Careful here or you could start a fire.) Don't have cognac? Totally fair. I often use bourbon. The point of this step is to use a spoon while the liquor sizzles to pull up all the little brown bits of beautiful flavor from the bottom of the pan. 
8. Put the chicken and bacon back in the pan. Add about 2 tbs of tomato past to the pan. Add two cups of chicken stock AND at least two cups of red wine (a burgundy is nice, but really any big red wine works) to the pan. Also add a sprinkle of herbs de provence. (If you don't own this they sell it at the grocery store--it's essentially just an herb blend that is beautiful and you should have in your kitchen anyway.) 
9. Allow this to simmer gently for about 30-40 minutes AND until chicken is completely cooked. 
10. You now have 30-40 minutes to "fuck first" so plan your time accordingly!  
11. Set the dinner table.
12. Enjoy.