8.12.15-- The hibiscus are blooming,

and the wind's a steam grate Monroe'ing them into flashing their giant stop signs to the neighborhood. 

Red saucer petals waving "go back!" and 

red is the longest wavelength and the color of the heart 

and yet, why it didn't reach across the ocean and whisper "stop! stay where you are! home is home and home alone hand on cheeks but no hijinks just too much quiet and no city to wander and wonder so stop! stay!"


The hibiscus are cruel masters--beautiful and unfeeling--

they demand touch and kiss (don't I hope for the same?) by sun and water.

They know better but...now we're

reunited and it feels so 



Monetized space filled with grass and flowers and raspberries--

beautiful quarter acre cells filled with scents and room for heartbreak.