Paris, or, the Sadness of TransAtlantic Flight: 

1. The ways in which the city itself is constructed is both beautiful and heartening--commerce with leisure with art with impossibly lovely parks all of which seem to slip into the next.

2. No kidding "le flaneur" was conceived in Paris--one can walk there for miles every day and so many people travel by bike and public transport. While in the city you feel more of the city than anywhere I've thus far experienced in the United States. 

3. Brunch doesn't seem to be a concept. Well played, France! (And what a sad and sort of awful concept that we only have an hour for frantic leisure (can there be such a thing?) on Sunday mornings and then back to back to back to work work work.) 

4. A city of rivers is a beautiful thing, for a bridge is a structural invitation to both viewing and reflecting. 

5. The food I ate was lovely--not just in the restaurants but the fruit and cheeses from little corner stores--we should be ashamed of the fact that we sell things like ONLY chips and frozen foods and sad lonely bananas and pretend pasta like Chef Boyardee. And we wonder why we're soft and unhappy and the poor are unhappy and even more alienated from pleasure and life. The pleasure one can take from a peach or a plum purchased from around the way for mere cents is a thing of beauty that can lighten a body and soul. The frozen pizza rolls we find everywhere in the United States are simply meant to feed the aftermath of the drunkenness with which we feel we must sometimes engage because we don't even believe in the softness of a peach against the lips or a life in which simple and beautiful things SHOULD be available to all because that's how we find happiness. 

6. While I enjoyed some of the worlds best macarons, it turns out I'm more an ice-cream at Berthilon sort of woman. 

7. When you pass a man playing Chopin on a piano on a bridge, you MUST stop and let your heart, if not your body, dance for a while. And then it is wise and good to put coins in the jar to say thank you for the lightness and happiness he sent as far as the notes could carry. 

8. Shaved 24 month aged Serrano ham and a bowl of strawberries purchased for about $9 dollars is a beautiful meal--simple and decadent. 

9. Paris seems to be a place in which one can, through walking, enjoy the pleasure of one's own company.

10. I suspect we all should live there.  


(And truly, mostly Paris is like any other city in terms of smells, but the two tunnels I walked through smelled and the question was "Urine or Nag Champa?" And the answer was "Urine?" but it was hilariously unsettling to realize how close the two really were. Whoa.)